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One of the coolest things of Blender 3D and most open source software is the sense of community that comes with it, and within this community there is always the will to help those who are learning and meet with those at your level to colaborate in doing what you love to do.  What better way than competing with each other?

That is why we have created Blender Contest, a Blender 3D competition site where all compete among each other and use that as an excuse to push your skills and knowledge further every time.

May the best win, and may the losers turn into next month bests!


About Frank Anes:

11_2012Since some of you have asked who am I, and what do I know about the Blender World, here a humble bio.  I am a Marketing Consultant during the day, taking care of many companies around the globe.  At night I am a musician and the rest of the time I am in a never ending search for more Blender knowledge and experience.

I started playing with Blender in 2008 and got totally addicted to it by 2009.  Last time I checked I had successfully finished 76 different Blender pieces, and failed miserrably at probably twice as many.  Most of what I know comes from watching Blender Guru and Blender Cookie, but I have also trained with 3dMax and Maya and then incorporated it into Blender.

I am currently working on a short film of my own called Fur Love, and collaborating in the series of animated cartoons Office Supplies.  I have also been offered a position as a Blender Professor for a prestigious college in Peru, and will start that project next semester.

You can see some of my work here: MIMING APE

Hope that clarifies who I am.  I can’t wait to keep learning from all of you.  Keep working hard!

– Frank



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